Monday, February 1, 2010

New Free EP : Tsinam's "Chasing Ghosts"

It's out there!

Who's Tsinam? Well, it'll be a side-project with female vocals only (high time I shut my mouth, right?).

Mademoiselle Roxanne beautifully sung these four lush, intricate pop songs, and couldn't have done a better job at it.

The sound here is vintage as always, ripe with warm analog synth sounds, Rhodes, post-psychedelic guitars and Mellotron.

It's 4 songs and 1 instrumental coda.
1 - The Farewell Song
2 - The Great Lost Sorrow Tune
3 - End of Words
4 - Ghosts of my Enemies
5 - Opium Spider

Many thanks to Lowlifi for playing lap steel guitar on track 2, and Sohcahtoa playing Rhodes on track 3.

You may download it HERE, complete with printable CD artwork, lyrics and iPod icon.

Also available in streaming form at : Tsinam-Chasing-Ghosts
And of course,

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